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nanook Cools



Nanook Cools (1994°) started het journey as a designer in 2014 while studying at the Royal Academy of fine arts, She is currently in her last year SASK

As a designer Nanook wants to create a mirror to show the vision of how she feels and emanate her/self

To describe her work it is something that comes from an unexplainable natural unconscious place where her innerchaos and desires unite.

It's about a woman, and this woman returns through all of Nanook's work. The woman who's outside of the box, chooses her own role. A woman who proudly embraces her masculinity and indignace. Her pride and freedom.

The daring of this persona is found throughtout the colorful palet used by Nanook

Her prints express her inner turmoil, chaos where all the bright colours crash with mad designs and create a harmony that is found within the woman.

It's her attitude, her pride and her daring that Nanook tries to express in her work. It's an experiment with the silhouette as the canvas. Where chaos reigns supreme and everything is allowed.


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​Tel: 0474384883


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