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Feed the pigs



the collection

For this collection I started from the painting The Garden of Earthly Delights by Jeroen Bosch from 1480/1490.


What struck me was the gluttony that radiated from the work,

the triptych that started with innocence then decadence before sinking into pure chaos.

This became the core of my collection.

The human being who always grabs for more and never takes pleasure in what is.

The uncontrollable urge.

The all-consuming instinct.


For the image of innocence, I looked at the housewife from the 50s.

The aprons, the vichy print and the rain caps are some of the elements that refer back to innocence. From the period that Jeroen Bosh made his masterpiece, I took several elements, such as the sleeve studies, the hats that started from the executioner's hats from that time.


The distinctive prints came about when I started making drawings about gluttony purely from my own head.  

Gluttony is omnipresent all around us It is only after a closer look that one can distinguish those different elements in the prints.

Photographer : Louis Kerckhofs

Models : Siel Van Heukelom/Deborah Serlet/Lore Snauwaert

MUA : Myrthe Bombeke

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