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A clash between Taranino's Deathproof.

The shifting roles of the female kind

and the speeding carcrash of prints and color

La femme prédateur, elle est en rage. Elle est belle et elle est faché

Second Bachelor Collection





She's Full of rage


Photographer : Morgane Gielen

Models : Charlotte Zeuwst/Sanne Leeuwenburgh

MUA : Emma Catry

Anker 1

This collection comes from the historical costume Nanook made in her second year.

Vesta Tilley is a cabaret artist who performed as a male in Edwardian times.

She experienced that life was easier as a male when she wore the costume in day to day life.

As an artist she created differenct costumes all aspected to different part of being male.

This shift in dynamix is what Nanook linked to Tarantino's Death Proof. In this movie a serial killer follows groups of young women and murders them with his car. The turning point is when he's confronted with a group who turn the table on him. They turn from victims to predators.

It's this rage and strenght that Nanook tried to express in her collection. The use of colour is very distinct in the movie together with the prints.

The crash of these different worlds make SHE IS FULL OF RAGE

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